Friday, January 6, 2017

iCloud Vs One Drive Vs Google Drive

Apple iCloud
iCloud is one of the service for Cloud storage as well as cloud computing which was founded in October 12, 2011 by Apple inc and has 320 million users. This service help to store the data like documents, photos as well as music for download the iOs, Macintosh or Window device. In these days the icloud provide the service of photo as well as content sharing. More and more features are available with theiCloud Drive and ios 8, as well as editing for multi-application etc. which will agree in a better price as well as storage option and sharing feature for the ios users.

Microsoft One drive
As similar with the Google drive, Microsoft’s cloud provides storage combined. Microsoft pale in comparison to a more normal photo application but does not make any photo sharing consideration with online and email slide show. One drive is made into windows 8 consisting the feature of smart syncing, camera roll and PC backup as well as windows store integration.

Google Drive
Google cloud consists some of the features like a mixture of cheap storage as office production software which will help in making documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, drawings as well as simple sharing folder. To make regular working in the case of offline, the Google drive adds drag and drop syncing. For the unified saving of files and attachments the Google drive is combined with the Gmail. This drive helps you to scan different documents and convert into PDFs in the Android device.
Following table also provide you more information about it:

Apple iCloud(current)
Apple iCloud (future)
Microsoft One Drive
Google Drive
15GB (8GB bonus for signing up)
$3.33/month or $40/year
365subsriction($6.99per month)
Not available
$8.33/Month or $ 100/year
Not available
$2.08/month or $25/year
Not available
Not available
Not available
$4.16/month or$50/year
Not available
Not available
$8.33/month or$100/year
Not available
1 TB or higher
Not available
One drive for business/%$2.50 per user/month
Windows, mac,ios
Window, mac, ios
Window, mac,android,ios, win phone
Windows,mac, android,ios

Friday, May 13, 2016

What is iCloud Email Address? A brief explanation

iCloud is notification that apple is moving toward even better user experience and technology. iCloud is sleek interfaced and very fast web service. It can also be viewed as apple’s hyper jump into cloud computing as it connects all your apple devices together with internet. iCloud also offers online storage for apple users. All you need for getting started with iCloud is iCloud Email address and Password.

Well, your iCloud email is same as your apple id now. As, iCloud is integral part of apple ecosystems you can not use your many apple devices without apple id like iphone and iPad. You need an iCloud login to activate your iPhone in the beginning. iCloud also helps to protect your apple device with service to lock and wipe your phone remotely. You can even use find my phone service of apple inc to track your lost phones, and all you need for that awesome service is iCloud Email address or iCloud id.

Well, the question is how you get yourself iCloud email address. The fact is, there is no need to create iCloud id. You get it for free as you create your apple id. All you have to do is create an apple id and use it to log into your icloud. Everything will be automatically set up for you by apple.

You can create apple id or icloud id on your apple device. You can follow the steps on your newly bought iPhone and create apple id. Using old device? No problem. I got it covered for ya. Just stir your mind through steps below to create icloud account on iphone,

Open your iphone. Launch settings app from home screen.
Now, find and click on the option ‘Mail, Calendars and Contact’.
This will now direct you to every accounts that are stored on your iPhone. If you already have iCloud account on your iPhone you can see it here. But, we are here to get ourselves iCloud Email account right? So, lets get going.

1. Click on the Add new Account option.

2. Now click on the option of Icloud. You will see different other options to add different other account too.

3. Clicking iCloud option ill direct you to the new windows asking you about your apple id and password. If you already have iCloud id, you can log into that from here. If you don’t click on the option at the bottom saying ‘Get a Free Apple Id’.

4. Well, now you will asked with few series of questions about you. Like your name, email, birthday and security questions to keep our account safe. Don’t worry apple is not going to use your information for any bad purpose.

However, it has been blamed for keeping that data many time.

5. At last, you can enter your current email address which is optional. And, you can create your new iCloud email address and password for that address.

Now, you can use that account to enjoy iCloud services.

Don’t have iPhone or any apple device. Don’t worry! You can still use iCloud and create account for you. You can get yourself iCloud Email address from apple website too. You can use either official website of icloud or apple itself.

To create iCloud id from website

1. Go to This is official iCloud website with beautiful website. Believe it or not, even using iCloud website feels like using iPhone.

2. Click on the Create new account on the very top or the bottom of the page.

3. Process after this is self-explanatory and same for every other email accounts. Apple asks you information about you, password and id in the end.

If you do everything correctly you can get yourself an iCloud email account.

Thus, that all about iCloud email address. Now, you have one. Go on experimenting and enjoy it.